Friday, November 14, 2008

I have diagnosed myself

I just re-read my post about the 7 things about me.  I *DO* have OCD!  Everything (mostly) that I wrote about was about being obsessed w/ something or another!

What should I do!?  I'm happy.... no need to change, right?

I've been Tagged

I've been tagged by Cassie from Envirosavings Blog. (I love her blog!)  I am supposed to write 7 things about me:

1) I think I have OCD.  For real.  I buy the same thing in every color.  I stock up on stuff even though there is no feasible way to use it all. (partially due to #4 here)  
2) I am a sucker for a deal.  If I go into a store and see something that I love and its not on sale, I usually don't buy it.  If I go into a store and see something that I don't love but its a super deal, I typically buy it and talk myself into thinking I'll use it.  Really bad way to shop.

3) I have a denim obsession.  I wish I could own every style from every designer out there.

4) I have become addicted to coupons.  I have an entire binder of them organized by aisle.  I plan my shopping around triple coupons at Harris Teeter (which only happens 1x/quarter).  I have saved a TON of money.  (Since Aug 2007 I spent $4,000 on what would have been $13,000 of groceries, bath and body stuff, health and beauty stuff, diapers.  This doesn't include ALL of my receipts, but about 90% of them!)  Time consuming, sometimes... worth it, yes.

5) I am an old lady at heart.  I love to sew and smock.  I love to do crafts.  I love to cook.

6) I had open heart surgery when I was 5.  (ASD (atrial septal defect) repair)  Today - this surgery would have been done in a cath lab instead of an operating room.  Meaning... no scar for Maureen and very little hospital stay.  Oh well, I was born in 1980 not 2000.

7) I secretly wish I was Oprah.

I've been absent too long!

So I thought I could handle the daily grind of taking care of my two boys and writing in a fun blog each day or so... I was wrong!  I need to prioritize, of course, but I also would love to have a blog.  I'm going to try harder to write ... I promise.

Off to get ready for a playdate.  I'll write later.  I promise.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pool w/ my boys

Jeffrey and Pierson and I went to the pool together today for the first time w/o J.  Pierson LOVED the water and kept looking down at the water.  He looked so cute in his UV proof shirt and swim trunks (navy and white) and his white Lacoste hat.  So sweet.  He kept getting mad at Jeffrey for putting the hat back on when it would fall off.

Jeffrey wanted to play shark and had a blast, too.  He is going under the water (a little bit) now, and being a little more dare devilish!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

What chu eatin?

P ate today:
4 T of oatmeal
2 oz prune juice
(plus a little extra prune juice in his oatmeal)
1 jar of sweet potatoes and chicken (New start today!)
1/2 jar of pears

Plus the normal milk sessions....
Fatty mcP

He was saying "mamamamama" or "muuumuuumuh"  He is really starting to say that a lot more!  I think he realizes he can say it so hes trying more often.  So sweet.

Peanut can sit from laying

Little peanut has been sitting for quite awhile now... (I put the boppy behind him most times so that if he falls backwards, he doesn't bang his little peanut head)  well, now when he is completely laying on the boppy he can get back up to sitting easily.  He had done that several weeks ago but now he can do it very easily.  Now he kinda gets a kick out of it... he is rolling all over the house.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yummy foods for Peanut

Peanut is eating lots of different baby foods.  We have gone back and forth in giving rice cereal (b/c it backs him up... ok TMI).  Now we give him mixed grain cereal (Earth's Best of course!) and it has oatmeal, brown rice and millet (mullet? whats that?).  I've been giving him all organic from the start.  He lovvvvves sweet potatoes and pears.  He is starting pears w/ blueberries tonight.  He has had winter squash, peas w/ brown rice, green beans w/ brown rice, apples, bananas, avacados (loves those too!), carrots, pears, sweet potatoes and .... I think thats it for now.  Sure is fun!

Jeffrey is starting to be VERY good about eating.  He tries new things and eats pretty much whatever we put in front of him.  (A huge change from about a year ago when every texture bothered him)  He loves yogurt, fruit, (still eats babyfood if we give it!) mac n' cheese, grilled cheese, ham or turkey sandwiches (he tried it w/ lettuce yesterday!), chicken tenders (loves dipping in ketchup), pb &j...